Kiwi content then there's SPUD6

I was browsing Steem to search for content related to New Zealand to see how much has been written about the country and if there are also authors who are also based in New Zealand. In my observation, Kiwis (I mean natural-born Kiwis, not like me who is naturalized), generally, are not into much into social media compared to Filipinos. I think the same will be true with cryptocurrency and blockchain applications like Steem, these technologies have yet to gain traction and massive following in New Zealand. That sparked my interest to see how much have been written about New Zealand by New Zealanders.

Then I came across @steemit-nz which I think is a good start to check NZ-related content. What actually caught my attention is his post about the Steem Power Up Day (SPUD 6) that's going to happen tomorrow. SPUD6 as the name suggests, is the 6th installment in this sort of endeavor. Initiated by @streetstyle, it encourages people to power up their Steem account which will collectively promote the stability of the price of Steem and at the same time promote curation among Steem users. It does not end there, the event is sponsored by SPUD supporters who pledged prizes to selected winners who powered up their Steem accounts on the scheduled date.

I am actually planning to power up today, when I stumbled that contest. I can wait for another day to power up so I can be part of this great initiative. Knowing that many people from New Zealand are part of this movement, I can bring myself in to support this cause.

It's Steem Power Up Day 6 tomorrow, can't wait to give my account a big boost!

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