#MotivationalMonday and the Love for Work

Getting started in Steem is too overwhelming, at least for me. Having discovered the different tribes and how it can help me maximize curation rewards, I cannot wait to explore each of them deeper and probably write a post dedicated to each one of them, or just to those ones that I think my content will be appropriate.

For this post, I will start by saying that most people hate Mondays, as commonly it is the start of the work week and it is hard to get our asses up on Monday mornings and we feel that sort of laziness to report for work. I feel the same, I always wish there's no work on Mondays and we only need to work from Tuesday to Friday. But reality bites isn't it? So part of my routine is to read something to motivate me, or give me a sort of boost to look forward to the day and treat it the same as the other days of the week. For this reason I am trying to write and post something motivational on a Monday, not only for Steem users but also for myself --- to pause and appreciate life and be motivated to keep moving. I will tag this type of post as #motivationalmonday

Today marks my last day at my current work. It has been two years and one month since I started in my job. And I can say this is the job I enjoyed the most compared to all other jobs I had in New Zealand. Tomorrow I will embark on another adventure, in another organization and I hope I will, have the same if not surpass that level of enjoyment. Sometimes we do things, even if they're not the ideal one, because we do not have a choice, or shall I say we do have a choice, but we do these things as it is the better option for all the million reasons we have. When we moved to New Zealand seven years ago, not in my dreams that I see myself doing all sorts of job just to make ends meet.

Back in the Philippines, I was both a licensed environmental planner and teacher. On the side, I did Internet marketing which most of the time allowed me to earn more than what those first two professions can make. It was good juggling different careers on a daily basis and I can say I gave them the same amount of attention regardless of which pays better. Going back to New Zealand, it was different. It was very hard to get a job as employers seek for someone with a New Zealand experience, which I don't have. It was much similar to the chicken and egg question. Then I got lucky to finally land job, one that's I considered the worst job I ever had in every aspect - work itself, workplace, work colleagues. But I still did try - and that job marked the start of my journey being a part of the New Zealand workforce.

In my succeeding posts, I will share my own experiences along these jobs, but the intention of this post (the one you're reading) is actually to share with you how I view work. As I mentioned, I did a lot of jobs in New Zealand, some of them I did not like, but I needed to do them to survive in this foreign place. In spite of that feeling, I can say that I gave my best in all those jobs. I say to youngsters, even if you don't like your job, always give your best performance in doing your work as if your life depends on it. Embrace the role, make it a part of yourself. While liking the job makes it easier to do the work, having the mindset of giving in your 100% and deliver results the best way you can.

The organizations that we are a part of have their mission and vision too. Businesses have their social responsibility and it is not always about making money and turning in a profit. Whatever those vision/mission is, when you feel down about not liking or hating the job, just think of the bigger picture, about providing the product or service that your employer offers, and feel proud that you are a part of that.

Start the work week right everyone!!

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