My 2022 Challenge

Being on Steem is a great experience. I myself cannot believe the response I got from the curators of my posts. Being curated by big names in the Steem blockchain such as @blocktrades, @curie, @c-squared, @smartsteem, and many others is truly rewarding. This makes me more confident and inspired to write more and share my ideas and experiences with other users of Steem. With regard to my personal account, I haven’t decided what I really want to achieve being in the blockchain. Yes, I might have had a good start with my Steem blog, even setting my own domain to make it more professional, but at the moment, I just go with the flow. I power up from time to time, when I have the extra cash to spend and buy additional Steem tokens. It is a bit unusual that I did not set any goal in the Steem blockchain, which is something that I always do with most other things.

So that changes now.

I am setting my personal goal of 20K Steem Power at the start of 2022. It may sound a bit too less or too much for some but for me, it can either be challenging or just a stroll in the park. Currently, my Steem Power sits at 1,100. I am planning to have a weekly power up to boost my Steem Power. I will add to this my author and curation rewards to achieve that goal. As you may have read in some of my other posts, I am into gardening, and growing plants is not just a hobby, it is also a source of income for me. So to boost my chances of achieving my target, for every customer that will buy from me, I am setting aside $1 (NZD) to buy Steem and power up my account. In the coming weeks, I will post updates on how I am performing regarding this challenge. I may not do it on a weekly basis as there won’t be too much significant improvements in my account, unless I will be curated by the big whales every time I make a post, which is already a challenge in itself.

As much as possible, I won’t use my Steem in purchasing other tokens, or spend them in activities that do not generate “revenues” (unless I win) like contests and gambling. They may be delegated to other users that may generate returns such as @tipu.

That’s it. I am starting at around 1.1k SP and targeting to get to 20k SP on the 1st of January 2022. This challenge will be limited to Steem Power and I won’t include any targets for other tokens in the blockchain. I am active in other tribes too but I reckon it will be for another challenge.

Watch this space and see how my journey goes.

Feel free to leave your comments.

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