My 2022 Challenge - 1st Update

It has been a full-on couple of weeks that I rarely find the time to write. I even skipped posting my Actifit updates which should have been very easy to do. Aside from my day job, I have been doing my garden to take advantage of the summer-like weather in the springtime. I have planned to allocate my a part of my earnings (yes, I am making money on the side by selling seeds and seedlings to other gardeners) to buy Steem and convert it to Steem Power (SP). Further, it has taking most of my time tidying up the garage and two other rooms in the house as we have a visitor coming over in the next couple of weeks.

In my previous post, I mentioned at the last part that I will probably focus on SP as my target and have the goals of achieving the numbers for other tokens as separate. However, I think being active in most tribes enables me to earn these tokens concurrently with earning Steem (which I eventually convert to SP). That’s I am including these tokens in sharing my progress in this 2022 challenge. I won’t however, add all the coins all at once. I will add them as soon as I have been able to stake at least 1,000 units of each coins. I know that each coin has different value but for the sake of consistency, regardless of their actual monetary values, I will set the target at 20,000 units for all the coins, just like my target for SP.

In the last two weeks, as I’ve said, I have been too occupied with other things (not Steem-related). Still, to maximize the use of my SP, aside from manually curating content, I’ve been following curation trails. It is evident as my voting power got down below 50% on the average every day. Another routine is I will purchase and power-up Steem at least once every month.

Here are my stats as of this writing:

I am actually lagging behind in terms of SP. It is because I actually have a weekly target too (just for SP). Let’s say I am down by 200++ SP up to this week’s target number.

That’s all for now folks. To those I frequently curate, you know the other tribes where I have big numbers of tokens too. You may want to use those tribe tags (as you find appropriate) when you create your posts so you can also take advantage of earning those tokens when I curate your posts.

Thank you for reading and let me know your feedback by commenting below.

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