My Lemons in Full Swing - Yellow Wednesday

I was browsing for photos across Steem when I stumbled on the #colorchallenge tag which I think is cool. The tag pairs each day of the week with the colors of the rainbow and encourages users to share photos based on the day's theme. For example, Red is paired with Monday, Orange is paired with Tuesday and so on. Today is Wednesday, which is paired with Yellow, hence it's Yellow Wednesday.

Originally, I am creating this post to share my the things inside my garden but as all of us know, gardens are always full of colors. Using the #colorchallenge tag is probably somehow appropriate when posting about something related to gardening.

Lemons are popular in New Zealand. People use them to make juices, for baking (e.g. lemon cake), for general cooking, for cleaning, and many other uses. While plants from the citrus family are very common sight in home gardens, lemon, Lemon Meyer variety (Citrus × meyeri) to be exact, is the most popular I believe.

I have my own share of citrus plants at home. Being from the Philippines, Calamansi (Calamondin - Citrus microcarpa × Citrofortunella microcarpa) is a staple in our kitchen, I have four of them. I also planted a few lime varieties - Bearss, Tahitian, and Kaffir. I've got Mandarin Miho and Navel Orange plant too. I keep referring them as plants and not trees because I chose to have the dwarf varieties so I can easily move them if needed, and it is easier to pick the fruits if they're not tall.

Going back to my lemon trees, here's the one the at the corner of our house. It doesn't fruit much as the plant has a difficult time developing its root system. There are already some trees planted around the area before where it sits. Still I get a few fruits from time to time.

The second plant is near the back of our house, which produces a decent amount of fruit every season. It continuously fruits throughout the year and remains a good source of lemon supply.

This last one is actually a late bloomer. A couple of meters away from the second one, it only started fruiting last year. I actually thought it is infertile because it has too many branches and yet, during the first three years of our stay in that house, it only produced a few young buds which didn't develop into a full fruit. There was a time I thought it was actually a lime, not a lemon. But after I mulch it with compost and put citrus feed around it last year, then it started bearing fruits, more than it produces leaves. We got too much that I will bring bags of them to my workplace so my colleagues can take some home. Though common, lemons are still expensive when you buy them from the grocery.

That's all folks for now and I hope you enjoy seeing my lemon plants in their fruiting stage. I will share more of my other plants in my future posts.

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