Purple Flowers in My Garden

In response to the #colorchallenge where I first used when I posted my lemon trees 11 days ago, I am posting photos of my plants with thematic colors and for today, as it is a Sunday, I am presenting the first batch of purple flowers in my garden.

I mentioned this TIbouchina plant (Scientific name: Tibouchina aspera) in my post about my swan plants five days ago. I took this photo just after a rain. This is a very prolific flowering shrub in my garden. It produces generally purple flowers from spring until autumn. To develop more flowers, I usually prune the branches to encourage them to branch out and make them bushier, hence, resulting to more flower buds.

These are the flowers of my Osteospermum plant, also known as African Daisy. These dwarf evergeen shrubs produce carpet of flowers which is perfect for cover patches. This plant is now on its third year and I am really impressed that it can withstand the frosts in our place during the winter and erly spring months.

I actually forgot the name of this shrub, but I like this being one of the main attraction for pollinators like bees. It produces abundant flowers throughout the spring and summer season which add vibrant colors to my garden patch.

Who doesn't know lavenders (Scientific name: Lavandula angustifolia), and its name as the same as the colors of the flowers they produced? Lavenders also make a good garden patch, the reason why I planted them in a row, that is to eventually cover the wooden cover (yellow) in the bottom of the house. What is most appealing are the flowers and the fragrance they produce. They are also effect attractors of pollinators which is very evident in the following images.

I hope you like these photos. As soon as my other plants take off and bloom their flowers in the coming weeks, I will also share them with you.

Until my next post and do not hesitate to leave your feedback by commenting below.

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