Quick and Easy Way to Buy and Sell HIVE tokens in New Zealand

I usually doesn’t blog about the products or services that I use. If I like a product or a service, I market them by telling my friends verbally and by sharing my personal experience about using that product or service. I am writing this post because the company I am going to talk about went on to go the extra mile when I mentioned HIVE to them.

I am referring to EASYCRYPTO.NZ, a New Zealand-based company buying and selling many cryptocurrencies to people based in New Zealand. I mentioned based in New Zealand, because they will require you to have a New Zealand address when you register. I have been using their service for quite some time now. I initially bought [NAVCOIN](https://navcoin.org] from them last year to test my Navcoin wallet I just installed in my mobile phone. After which, I decided to go back to being active in Steem, and it good to find out that they also sell Steem. Since then, I have purchased Steem on a regular basis. I find their service very reliable, and true to their business motto, I believe it is “The best place for Kiwis to buy and sell crypto”.

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It is easy to transact, and in my case, I always use a bank transfer to pay for my tokens. Another thing I really love about them is the personalized communication. When I started buying from them, it’s just Alan and Janine (the couple owners) and Harry (their right hand man) who are operating the business. They answer the email themselves and take time to reply. You won’t get one-liner emails unless it’s the only thing needed to reply to your message. They will give you insights and clear explanations of what they’re trying to convey.

Fast forward, the Justin Sun purchase of Steem, and the eventual creation of the Hive blockchain initiated by the pioneer witnesses of Steem. While I want to be as active in HIVE as much as possible, I know I needed to have a place to buy and sell them, like what I have with Steem. Unfortunately, after Hive was created, I remember it has only a couple of exchanges where you can trade them, and I am not even registered to those exchanges. More importantly, I do not want to create another set of web accounts just for buying/selling HIVE.

What I did is I emailed EASYCRYPTO.NZ and asked them to take a look at listing HIVE. However, since it was in its early stages of infancy, Alan told me that at the moment, it was trading at $35k which is a very low volume compared to other cryptocurrency. I was saddened by that, though I fully understood that from a business perspective, it’s not feasible. I said to myself that the right time will come for HIVE to have its place in the New Zealand cryptocurrency market.


A couple of weeks back, while New Zealand is busy with ANZAC celebrations (which is a public holiday), HIVE is busy rallying in the charts, mooning its price to its all-time high. Since then too, newer exchanges have listed the coin making the trading volumes substantially increased. With the bullish price and widening markets, it has rose to the Top 50 cryptocurrency in terms of market cap. That time, I made a huge mistake in one of my Steem orders as it doesn’t arrive on my expected time. Again, Alan and Janine are kind enough to address my queries, we exchanged a number of emails, but in the end, it was my fault, as my mistyped the reference number, and their automated system didn’t get my order, despite I already paid it on time. It was resolved but the icing on the cake has yet to happen.


As part of that email thread, I asked Janine if they can take a look a HIVE again and have it listed. I know it will be a long shot, and there are other tokens on their waiting list and their listing will be based on the “votes” of registered users. I was told they have put HIVE on the waiting list, which I considered a huge progress. I voted for HIVE and in their token rankings, it became #34, and I know it will be a long way to go. Less than 24 hours later, Janine emailed me to tell me they included HIVE in their marketed tokens! It was BIG, I mean BIG. Several hours ago, it was struggling to climb the waiting list and now, it surpassed other tokens by making it to the actual market.

Easy Crypto NZ

There you are, that’s the story of how HIVE came into being in the world of EASYCRYPTO.NZ. If you are based in New Zealand and looking for a way to trade HIVE tokens, I can vouch for EASYCRYPTO.NZ to be your best choice. I won’t even use it if I don’t think they are the best in the business.

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