Traffic Insider: The New Tribe with Great Opportunity

In an era where many of the activities people do are online, it is best to have the knowledge on how to navigate the online world when doing business. A new tribe is set to make its mark in the Hive blockchain. It's absolutely new, but it looks promising.


TRAFFIC INSIDER is probably the newest tribe to be created in the Hive blockchain. Where there are old tribes which migrated from the old Steem blockchain to Hive, TRAFFIC INSIDER was only created in the Hive blockchain. It aims to provide an venue for exchange of ideas about traffic generation, marketing tools, affiliate programs, lead generation, and other methodologies that one may find useful when we do our online campaigns.


But wait, there's more... TRAFFIC INSIDER has its own Hive Engine token --- TIX. So by creating content and engaging yourself within the tribe (commenting, upvoting) you can earn rewards in TIX tokens aside from the usual Hive tokens that we get. In terms of engagement to this tribe, there are two major things that I would like to highlight, which can define your success or failure in this tribe. First is the Early Worm Advantage and the Better Challenger.

In most businesses if now all, those who have engaged early has the distinct advantage of earning more. This is true in the stock market. Those who have bought stocks during IPOs will most likely increased their value through time, unless on rare occasions that the company collapses after a short period.


I remember about 20 years ago, Zagu opened its first pearl milkshake store in the Philippines. Almost everyone followed suit, and eventually you have more than 100 store brands for milkshake. At present, while you can still see newer stores selling milkshakes, one name stood out the test of time --- Zagu. And this truth is found is most brands that had established and made names for themselves being the "early worm" - Colgate and Ford as examples.

Being the pioneer in this tribe can work on your favor.

What about this? It means that being the pioneer is not enough. You should stand the test of time and in the world of technological surge and knowledge economies, being the first should be accompanied by the challenges of the present world. As one billionaire said before, "It's either you innovate, or you dissipate".


Let me cite an example. Facebook is the number one social media company in the world today. But it was not the case about two decades ago. Myspace dominated the US market in the world of social media while in Asia, Friendster was the household name. For me, those two companies failed to innovate and meet the demands of the changing market, and they went out of business.

Another good example is Nokia. Again, it was the household name for mobile phones, and this put Finland in the world map where it was primarily manufactured. But when smartphones were introduce into the market, Nokia failed to keep up with the technology. Though at present they are trying to capture the market captured by Apple and Samsung by introducing their own line of smartphones.

Talking about smartphones, it is also good to mention that this technology put Kodak, which is a pioneer in camera and photography, as a thing of the past. While Kodak is still active in other businesses like medical imaging, it lost its the photography market it once dominated.

Being the early bird and the better challenger are not mutually exclusive. You can always be the pioneer and at the same time, being able to live to the challenge to be a better version of yourself. And I hope you get to be the best of both sides as we start our journey in TRAFFIC INSIDER.

What are you waiting for now? Head on to TRAFFIC INSIDER and be a part of something big.