Value Your Time, Time is of Value

"Time is the best thing you can give to a person, because you are giving away something you will never get back."

Those are not verbatim words but I heard that line in (wait for it).... a movie installment of Final Destination. A professor told one of his students that line which I think makes a lot of sense, even if it was delivered in a horror movie. That sticked to my mind up to this day, and that line always remind me to value my time and appreciate what others do when they spent their time with me.

Time is arbitrary. Humans invented that concept to denote a period, duration, or interval between events, we used it to determine sequence. People of various cultures view it differently. Scientists have their own notion of time. But regardless of what time really mean, we may collectively agree that a moment of our life that had passed is time.

Time is gold as the cliché goes. Anything may increase or lose its value through time. A 2010 smartphone might have lost most of its value at the present time, but a 1920's car might have increased in value, more than what it is originally priced at that time.

In investing, time is always of the essence. A 20-year old investing $200 monthly will have more money at age 60 than a 35-year old investing $500 monthly at the same age (60) assuming they have both the same amount of returns (interest) at the end of each year. That's why in banks, finances, or any other entities that deal or have something to do with money, time is a crucial factor.

It is the same in Steem, both for the platform and the cryptocurrency. Both are something of value. In fact, we use real money to buy STEEM from exchanges. When we post contents to our blogs, we spend time to think, to brainstorm, and to actually write our ideas to our blogs. That goes the same with my example above in investments. Those who started early in Steem may have more savings (assuming that everything else remain the same) than those who are just starting recently. It also applies to "savings" in terms of Steem Power. If you are not going to withdraw your STEEM in the next month or so, you might as well convert it to Steem Power and use it for curation, which will eventually give you more returns. But if you cannot afford not to stay liquid, then this option is not for you. When you power down your Steem account, time is also significant. I will take you 13 weeks to fully acquire your tokens that you powered down. The 7-day payout period also denotes time.

We can have a day-long discussion how time plays an integral part in the Steem ecosystem. In life in general, the role that time plays is much broader than that just of a blockchain. Whatever our notions of time are, one thing is certain - it is valuable. Use it wisely, do something productive, be of help to others, pay it forward. As the quote I mentioned at the beginning of this post, it is something you can't get back, so when you use it, make sure it is all worth it.

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